We utilize modern winemaking innovations with traditional craftsmanship; it is this combination of timeless processes and modern technology that produce the sustainable, award-winning wines on your table.

Our close-knit, team of winemakers ensure that the most rigorous quality controls are upheld during the production, from vine to wine. We carefully monitor the vines and pick the grapes at the optimal moment to enhance flavour intensity and quality – this close connection with the land yields the characteristic LYNX taste that you’ve come to know and love.

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My view of winemaking is that we are primarily facilitators and stewards of a very natural process. As much as possible, I like to intervene as little as possible to allow the fruit to express itself - ultimately our job is to let the yeast do its magic.

The whole team always gives 110% effort, and take a lot of pride in the work that they do!

One of my favorite things about making wine, is how collaborative of a process it really is. For the Chardonnay specifically there is a small crew of barrel workers that do an outstanding job, which is reflected year over year with our award winning wines.