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Petite Sirah, Zinfandel
California | 2018 | 13.5% alc.
0.9g sugar/100ml
750ml or 3L



Berries | oak | CHOCOLATE

Petite Sirah Zinfandel is a generous wine with lots of character. The wine has a fruit driven taste with notes of dark berries, herbs, vanilla, chocolate and toasted oak. The taste is velvety and best enjoyed together with a nice piece of meat or on its own!

An approachable red wine with a full bodied yet smooth and soft experience for your pallet, that will deliver time and time again. Our Petite Sirah Zinfandel is perfect in many situations, but we recommend enjoying it with beautifully grilled meats - especially lamb, charcuterie boards and with great company and conversation.

Chosen as a British Airways Business Class wine.



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