Black Label Pinot Noir

Black Label Pinot Noir is a popular premium wine with big and elegant flavour. With wonderfully berry tones, clear barrel character and soft tannins and a fresh acidity, this is an excellent companion wine with a round, fine aftertaste that sits in. Black Label Pinot Noir is an exceptional wine that has a fruit driven taste and generous oak character, with notes of strawberries, dark berries, spices and herbs. Our Black Label Pinot Noir is a world-class wine that is accentuated by its long, smooth finish. Because, great taste is always right!

A fine example of Californian Pinot Noir in a climate-friendly box that can (and should) be enjoyed in all situations.


Food Pairing

  • Beef
  • Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Deer & wild game

The wine is great to enjoy for a barbecue dinner with ribs, chicken or a piece of meat. Also suitable to enjoy on your own with a bowl of chips.

Taste description

A delicious Pinot Noir with fruity notes of strawberries, blackberries, fresh herbs and a light spice, along with a generous roasted barrel character.

  • Region of OriginUSA, California
  • GrapesPinot Noir
  • Vintage2019
  • Alcohol %13,5%
  • Sugar0,6 g/100ml
  • Size3000 ml
  • ProducerHouse of Big Wines