California's most grown grape is the adaptable and versatile Chardonnay. In this warm climate Chardonnay often has tropical fruit characteristics. Chardonnay wines are given shades of butter and vanilla from their time in oak, where the Chardonnay develops a rounder more rich flavour with a medium to low acidity. As such, Chardonnay really allows the winemaker to express their individual style.

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Zinfandel (also referred to as Primitivo) is grown in over 10% of Californian vineyards and is a black-skinned grape known as the "US own grape" even though it has an ancient Croatian origin. California's warm climate is ideally suited to growing bold Zinfandels which are fruit-forward and rich with vibrant flavours of blackberry and dark cherry.



The Petite Sirah grape is the hero in many of our LYNX wines. A popular but rare grape variety, Petite Sirah grows on only a few thousand hectares of vineyards worldwide – the majority being in California. Petite Sirah has deep rich flavours and aromas of blueberry, chocolate, pepper and spice. Its high tannins and acidity make it perfect for ageing. The 'Petite' in the name refers to their small, intensely colored berries and the 'Sirah' part is not be confused with the grape variety 'Syrah'.

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Pinot noir

Pinot Noir is a light-bodied red grape, characterised by higher acidity with a soft, smooth, low-tannin finish. The Californian variant is bigger and more fruit-driven than its French counterpart, with primary notes of dark berries, strawberries and touch of spices and herbs.

Pinot noir is often considered among the most expensive wine in the world. Over the past years it has significantly grown in popularity, leading to it being widely planted in California.